The Modern CPA

   Progressive-minded CPA firms are always on the lookout for ways of providing the best possible service to their clients.  To serve the best interest of their clients, they constantly monitor both opportunities as well as threats to their clients' financial security.  To properly assess the threat, you may need new tools to evaluate your current referral process.

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Referral Model or Strategic Alliance

   Many CPA's paint financial service firms with the same brush and view them as similar to each other.  However, an Ernst & Young survey in 2003 concluded just the opposite. 

   In the Executive Summary it stated the financial services industry must take on the imperative of developing a new paradigm--a non-linear and non-piecemeal paradigm--that better suits the current economic climate as well as risks and uncertainties likely to be encountered by Baby Boomer's, Gen X's, and millenials in the future.

   It also predicted the future when asked about why the changes were not being accelerated by the financial institutions.  The reasons were all too familiar:

  1. Why risk fixing something that does not seem to be broken?
  2. Why invest time and money in new products and services that may not be as profitable as we sell today?
  3. How do we educate a sales force to take on the new paradigm?

   There is not a shortage of information for the CPA firm which wants to enter the arena of wealth building and preservation.  Much of the information comes from financial firms, however, and is biased and designed to generate profits for the stockholders and officers. Cornerstone Wealth Management endeavors to maintain an independent advisor status, identifying and eliminating mis-information.  This is the first step in converting information to knowledge. 

Two Main Financial Powers

  1. Interest rates, or rates of return
  2. Actuarial science;

   Investment companies want to tell you that it should all be subject to long-term market historical performance.  Insurance companies and banks tell you it should not have any risk.  The key is to employ a macro-economic approach to find the perfect balance of the two powers.  Each power, left alone, is inadequate in planning.  Integrated properly and unemotionally, you achieve a greater efficiency.


   We provide a business consulting workshop on a quarterly basis and provide 3 hours of CPE credit to the CPA.  We can provide the same workshop to your business owner clients in a shorter format. 

   We also provide a complete line-up of investor education workshops.  Please contact us for a list and description.