Cornerstone Wealth Management provides specialized financial planning for dentists, and we are also able to provide you with one-stop shopping as well for all your financial needs. Instead of having to go to an accountant, a lawyer, a banker, a broker, etc., we provide you with all of these services through our established relationships with trusted strategic partners.

Click here for a brief video of our planning capability designed specifically for dentists.

Let Us Manage Your Finances for You

     This unification of services enables us to be able to know, track, and manage all of your money management needs. By balancing all your financial matters together, we are in a better position to offer customized financial advice. With it we can also provide you with the quality management you need to help you achieve your financial goals. This arrangement allows you to be able to focus on other things in your life, such as your dental practice and your family.

Let Us Provide You with a Customized Financial Strategy

     Our first goal will be to help you identify those financial areas that can be managed better for greater profit or protection, and to make recommendations to you of the needed changes. We will offer you customized information and recommendations concerning best practices for both your dental business needs, as well as for your personal finance and family matters. This includes the areas of insurance (health, property, disability and life), business planning, investments, taxes, education, asset management, retirement, and more.

Let’s Start Working Together Now for Your Better Financial Future

     After receiving our recommendations, you then decide whether or not you wish to pursue them, which would require a financial commitment to the services of Cornerstone Wealth Management. Once you agree to work with us, the selected strategies are implemented and your finances can start working toward your pre-determined financial objectives.

How can Cornerstone Wealth Management help you? We will…

  • Learn about your financial objectives and dreams for your future.
  • Discover the best tools and methods of money management and wealth creation
  • Make further recommendations for changes as needed
  • Help you work toward your financial dream of obtaining financial security.

     We invite you to a free consultation meeting with us to discuss how we can help you meet your financial needs and objectives. All of your financial aspirations and needs can be handled through our office. Let us show you what we recommend for your stronger financial future.

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