Protect Your Assets and Safeguard Your Future


Cornerstone Wealth Management is a proud supporter of physicians and the physician community. We have been associated with the Friends of the Society program in the Harris County Medical Society for many years.  

We provide a full range of financial services for Physicians. This includes everything from providing financial advice to managing your investment portfolio, and includes a complete review of your various insurance policies, tax matters, bank accounts, and estate planning. We want to help you obtain better returns on all your finances.

A physician's two biggest fears are taxes and mal-practice litigation.  Your first line of defense for asset protection should be anchored at Cornerstone Wealth Management.

As a doctor, you want to provide for the financial security of your family in the best way possible. You also want to have a solid investment strategy that will keep on working and growing for you. Our financial planning and wealth management services enable you to achieve wealth creation.

Click here for a brief video of our planning capability designed specifically for physicians.

The Business of Medicine

The government is taking a more active role in managing healthcare costs, health reform is stirring up the industry, and patients want better access to care. 

YES, the medical landscape is changing.  Whether you are in private practice, or employed by a large organization, we provide a vital service in helping you protect your assets.  If you are contemplating moving from one to the other, our strategic partners may be able to help you evaluate the risk and identify potential problems you may not currently see.

We have a 60 minute presentation in which we address the six common financial mistakes made by many physicians.  One of the most powerful and revealing portions of the workshop is when you have the opportunity to evaluate the financial risks to your own practice.

We normally conduct it on a quarterly basis.  Contact our office for the next time or location near you.

We Build It Your Way

As financial advisers and coaches, we know that you want to be able to make informed decisions about your finances. We are glad to inform you as to the reasoning behind the strategy that will be custom-designed for you and your family. We also provide you with ongoing information about the status of your finances, and for each account that you have.  You will have your own private website with access to all your accounts, legal documents, and agreements, available to you 24/7 from anywhere in the world.  We will eliminate the junk drawer process that most physicians begin during medical school and residency, and continue throughout their practice.

Our wealth management system is designed to give you a single access point to securely view all of your:

  1. financial documents
  2. tax and legal documents
  3. insurance coverages
  4. specific goals
  5. strategic plans

With our system, you are kept up to date with powerful analysis tools that track changes in your assets and life based on your:

  1. overall asset allocation
  2. retirement and cash flow models
  3. insurance programs
  4. financial and estate plans

We Do the Work for You

We know that doctors carry a lot of responsibilities on their shoulders every day. We also know that you do not have the time to focus on everything that needs to be done. At Cornerstone Wealth Management, we are ready to take the burden off of your shoulders concerning your financial matters and manage your financial investments for you so that your goals are reached.

Let Us...

  • Do the research for you to discover the best investments for your money
  • Help you with cash flow and debt payment
  • Watch your investments to ensure continued best performance
  • Recommend changes as needed to keep reaching toward your wealth building goals
  • Provide continued financial advice at different stages of life as your needs change
  • Build a more secure financial future for you for the rest of your life.

Practice Management

Through our strategic relationships, we seek to add value to your practice through medical billing and insurance re-imbursement, contract offerings, staffing, and many other problem areas.